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Community volunteering in Kenya with Pam Safaris

Africa is where our organisation originated. Placements in Kenya were introduced in 2010 by our Founders,and we have strong links with the communities and schools throughout Kenya. We place volunteers in accommodation run by local Kenyans, providing them with a source of income.

We interview all volunteers and discuss the project in great detail, you will be given documents about what to expect from your project from communities, school life, living within the village to how the Kenyans respect their environment. On arrival there is an induction course to introduce you to Kenya. Lynette von Kaufmann, our local representative will talk to the volunteers about the Kenyans and their history. You will also be introduced to basic Kiswahili phrases so you can integrate into the community. We will encourage all volunteers to use local products and services.

In the long term we hope to continue and develop our projects to help with English and extra curricular activities in more of the poor schools in this region. Volunteers bring a new dimension to teaching in Kenya – its more interactive and fun for the children. Volunteers are also able to offer extra-mural subjects like sport, music, art etc, which are not normally included in the school timetable.

Schools are poor and they lack furniture, textbooks, sports equipment and even windows and stationery. Therefore, you as a volunteer will be very useful in bringing not only the interest of the outside world but an extra pair of hands for the hard-pressed staff.

We normally use the same houses for volunteers each year so families in the community who host them are familiar with our volunteers and welcome them into their village. Volunteers are briefed on customs and cultures advising them to be responsible and respectful to their new neighbours. We also try to assist the same schools each term so the teachers are familiar with our volunteers and what they should be involved in. Living with the Kenyans is a simple way of life - with no running water or electricity, you will learn to appreciate these luxuries we take for granted in the Western World. Post project reviews are always completed with schools and volunteers to make sure your help is always needed.

Our charitable arm has supported many schools ,dispensaries and churches in all over the country.

There are many volunteers who choose to go on to fundraise for the their Kenyan schools and villages – donating school equipment, helping with funds for new or improved classrooms/facilities, and sponsoring children through education. Our Foundation has granted a total of over £20,000 in bursaries to 164 children in schools in Kenya , Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi. These bursaries are administered by the head teachers of schools so that a child, once sponsored, can complete his or her education. They are awarded to children who could otherwise not afford the costs (e.g. food and boarding charges if they live far from school) and therefore have to leave school early.